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Dharma on the Edge

lessons from the razor wire of impermanence



Generosity from San Quentin’s Death Row Sangha

The creation of this Self-Study Correspondence Course in Buddhism arose from the dharma brother’s  wish that other Death Row inmates across the USA benefit by the teachings of Buddhism  as they had over the nine years we studied together.  They were very excited to create something that could even be available to the women on Death Row. Eight of the men agreed to advise my creation of the course. When Covid ravaged through San Quentin State Prison in May of 2020, it became clear the scope of this project needed to expand, so Death Row Dharma became the Buddhist Prison Ministry, now expanding into many prisons across the United States.  


The men in the Death Row Sangha are deeply spiritual and have vowed to use what remaining time they have left to ensure a better rebirth through intensive prayer and dedication of any and all positive merit to all suffering beings. They are very moved to know that some people ‘out there’ are interested in what they have to say and how we study dharma. I hope you are interested and inspired by following the link to these stories:


The Khyentse Foundation

Thanks to the Khyentse Foundation for believing in this work and granting us an Ashoka Grant 3 years in a row. Thanks too to the many donors who have generously offered support and for valuing the importance of bringing Dharma to some of the world’s most forgotten places.