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This workbook “An Introduction to Buddhism” is the first in a series written specifically for the incarcerated population. It is a presentation of the core elements of non-sectarian (Ri’me) Buddhism, teachings common to all schools and sects of the Dharma.  Thanks to generous donors and the Khyentse Foundation, this workbook is available free of charge to the incarcerated population.

I started the Buddhist Prison Ministry upon moving away from the Bay Area, where I was the Buddhist Chaplain in San Quentin State Prison. Many of the Death Row inmates I worked with wanted to pay forward the deep Dharma work we had done together over the course of 9 years. We all agreed that creating and piloting a  Buddhist Correspondence Course would be a good idea. Some of the men even agreed to be my ‘advisors’ who have now, over the course of the last year of Covid destruction, given me great feedback on the Introduction to Buddhism 12 lesson correspondence course they’ve received little by little. Now, I’m happy to say this program is in several prisons in California and Texas and continues to expand every time I check my mail!


The workbook’s reflective homework  questions are written specifically towards the kinds of causes and conditions common to life in prison. 

The answers I receive back are deeply profound, honest, and sincere. They reflect back the unwavering power of the Buddha’s teachings to transform anyone who will integrate the teachings into their lives!  

Every packet of homework received is responded to with a personal, in- depth reply, fostering an ongoing, supportive dialog throughout the course.    



For more info please contact us at buddhistprisonministry@gmail.com